"Victory has a thousand fathers, but defeat is an orphan"


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Let's suppose you wife up a chick and produce some beautiful kids, and live happily ever after. Everyone is gonna be claiming credit for helping make that happen. The parents of both you and your bride will say, "We raised our kid right, so that they were prepared to have a happy marriage." The nationalists of whatever race you belong to will say, "This is an example of how our race is high-quality; we have successful families because of our superior genetics." Your church will say, "We instilled good values in these kids and that's why they were able to grow up to have successful families." Your country will say, "This is a shining example of how our laws and culture have fostered morality and happiness in the family unit." Your friends may even take credit for how their advice and support and whatnot helped you be successful.

Let's suppose instead, though, you're incel, or you end up as another of these divorced cucks whose wife is getting banged out by some scumbag while your daughter sleeps in the next room. https://incels.net/threads/wife-is-fuсking-another-man-with-my-daughter-sleeping-in-the-other-room.1614/ Who's going to want to take the blame for that?

Your parents are not going to want to admit they raised you to be that way. Nor are other members of your race going to want to claim credit for you as an example of how they are; they'll claim you're an outlier who doesn't represent them. Your church and your country are not going to want to admit that the culture and structure, or lack thereof, that they provided contributed to that outcome. Your friends are not going to admit that they gave you shitty advice, or failed to advise you, or otherwise didn't help you avoid getting into a bad situation.

So what they're going to do, is blame it all on you. They're not even going to want to look into the situation all that closely and try to examine what really happened and what caused it; they're just going to notice that you failed, and say, "Okay, you're a failure, and I had nothing to do with that. That's on you, buddy."

Therefore, if you fail, often the only place you can find any comfort is among fellow failures, who will say, "We're in a class of have-nots who are not receiving the help we need from those around us." Of course, the rest of society will push back against that and say, "No, you cause your own problems; in fact, your attitude of hating and blaming others is why you're incel."

If they were to admit that you were incel for reasons that are beyond your control, then they might feel obligated to do something about that. For example, society could at any time help you ascend, simply by subjugating foids back into rape-slavery, and giving you one of those rape-slaves. If you're identifying as incel (rather than saying, "I just don't want a girlfriend right now" or whatever), and talking about the pain of that, they don't really want to hear it, because that makes it seem like they're the source of your pain for failing to do what's necessary to help you.

This is why they shut down incel sites; they want to maintain that narrative that either everything is fine, or those who aren't fine are the cause of their own misfortune, and that it has nothing to do with problems going on in the larger society. If 30% of men aren't getting laid, well, that's just because 30% of men either are content to be celibate or are undesirable shitbags; it's not due to any problem with the legal or cultural order, according to the establishment. Or, they may say, "Look how well feminism works; we've freed women from having to resort to having sex with the bottom 30% of men; now they can just have sex with higher-quality men" and ignore that actually a lot of the men getting laid are scumbags.

Anyway -- just keep in mind, any time there's a failure that causes emotional pain, people are going to want to point the finger and blame someone, and usually it's going to be the person who's experiencing the misfortune. So for example, let's say you hit on some girl, and she rejects you. They're gonna wanna blame you, usually; they're not gonna wanna blame the girl, because if they blamed the girl, then they might feel obligated to do something about that; e.g. maybe they should subjugate that girl into rape-slavery to you so you wouldn't feel so lonely. That would be a corrective action to solve the problem; but instead they'll tell you, "It was your fault for not taking enough showers" or whatever. Or, "you were too needy and repelled her with your bad game" or whatnot (in the case of redpillers).

So you're going to get fucked over multiple times -- first by the misfortune itself, and then by various people and groups wanting to blame you for the misfortune and say that it means you're a low-quality individual who brings his problems upon himself.

Unless of course they decide instead to blame your problems on some designated villain, so they can then have an excuse to attack that villain. That happens all the time with suіcіde, for instance; if they don't blame your genetics or upbringing (aka your parents) for causing mental illness that led to your suіcіde, they may blame some sympathetic online community that condoned your suіcіde, and try to shut it down. Or in the case of inceldom, I suppose they might say that online misogynists contributed to your inceldom by teaching you to hate women, which therefore repelled women from wanting to have a relationship with you.
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I agree and support the first part, but I don't agree with the rape-slave thing. Half of the post is rock solid. The original vision behind these forums (at least for me) was to have an incel forums that presented a certain image of incels, different from the lamestream. I understand that incel is hard. I understand that it sucks. I know how it feels to have urges that you are always denied. But it would be nice not to fulfill every single stereotype the fake news media portrays of incels thus far. At what point does the "fake news" cease to be propoganda and actually start becoming "real news"? If you want to rape women, do it on your own time, but don't make it into an idealogy representative of us incels. There are other places you can go, such as middle-east, that subjugates women. Those are the ways of the sandpeople. Those are not American ways, George Washington ways, or Constitutional ways. Slavery is Old Testament, jewish stuff.

10-20 years from now, if 30% of males are still incel, and it looks like human kind is about to go extinct, then we may suggest more dire options. But right now, you are simply playing into every single stereotype of the fake news media. In the future, the cyborgization of women, maybe women can be reprogrammed to ignore 80/20 rule. Or maybe genes can be modified. Or maybe some way to modify the physical appearance of incels. But this rape thing, its never gonna happen, unless humanity is litterally on the verge of extinction. It goes against human nature, its sandpeople stuff. There are other incel forums you can talk about such things, incels forums which have been banned. This was intended as a more civilized forums. Please dont give feminists any more fuel or justification to their hatred of males. Otherwise the endless feud between man and woman is going to continue.


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This was intended as a more civilized forums. Please dont give feminiѕts any more fuel or justification to their hatred of males. Otherwise the endless feud between man and woman is going to continue.
Would you say that 18th century America was uncivilized, even though it was a society where white men were the dominant decision-makers in their families, the same way that Muslim men have that dominant role in theirs today?

Subjugation of women is about order; creating hierarchy in the family so that there isn't constant fighting between husband and wife, or the wife taking control and either breaking up the family to go her way with the kids, or reversing the natural order and dominating her husband (which tends to destroy the sexual polarity between them, and lead to her following her hypergamous drive to go get banged out by some more dominant man).

If the wife is not made the rape-slave of her husband, the alternative is that she'll have the right to accuse him of rape, which can lead to a lot of injustice; it gives her the upper hand in divorce proceedings, for instance.

To give women true equality requires that they take on the same roles as men, going to college, getting a career, etc. so they can be financially independent; or else they need to be given a bunch of neetbuxx so they can leave their husband at any time without having to worry about going hungry. We tried all these feminist ideas, and it didn't work too well; our current situation isn't sustainable. The birth rate is below replacement, so something will have to change.

We could theoretically come up with some high-tech solution, or we could just return to the system that worked pretty well in the past, which was patriarchy. Young females have a submissive nature anyway, and kinda want to be dominated; they would usually prefer a dominant guy who's a bit of an asshole to a nice guy who's a weak pussy, and their mate choices reflect that.


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Yes the male should be the person who has the final say in a household, unless the male is really toxic or a submissive beta male. I dont think that is what rape-slavery means though.
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They pretend it's not a product of the environment cause they cannot admit it's not your fault
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