[Vent] Why do people like dogs so much?


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Not trying to offend dog loving brocels here but I really don't get it, why you guys love dogs ? I think the dogs are too overrated in the society. They're gross, they are loud, truly imo their barking is just so awful , they mess everything up in the house, they are SO annoying with their lot of needs for attention, food, cleaning and health care. Note that most female dog owners rather bang their dogs instead of banging an incel or normie looking guy. I have seen people thinking their dogs are like their *children*, isn't it weird ?
Trust me, if it wasn't for you who feed the dog and give him/her a shelter, that dogs would have hated you and would have bit you, they like you because you are their provider.
I personally hate dogs so much since from my childhood, I never understood why people love those things? unfortunately, these days they would rather save dogs rather than an ugly man being in danger.

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I hate small barking spoiled dogs. Usually owned by foids, and they are just as annoying as them. They want dogs to be on control in something into their messy lives


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I don't mind dogs. They are ok. I just don't like the barking. They are warm tho and good to have on the sofa in the winter.


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Anytime I come home from work my dog gets really excited to see me like I've been gone for years.

You could be the worst person on earth and you dog would think you are the best.


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Lumbersnack said:
Anytime I come home from work my dog gets really excited to see me like I've been gone for years.

You could be the worst person on earth and you dog would think you are the best.
Because you provided them something, they see you as their boss.
Yep, dogs, like human females ironically, like people only for what they can give, not who they are. And it's interchangeable. It's not like dogs will remain loyal to you if someone better comes along.

I don't care for dogs myself. They're mostly nasty imo. Cats aren't much better in that regard, but at least they hate everyone equally. I can get behind that, rather than "I'll love you if you do x, y, and z."

The thought of cuddling with a pet is revolting to me too. That's one of the worst normie platitudes. If you're lonely, get a pet. Fuck that.


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Dogs, cats > wahmen.

We clothe and feed foid. We feed dog.

Will a dog cuck you and divorce rаpe you? No. Dog will love you forever. Foid will cuckhold you and steal your ѕhit.

You can't beat the loyalty of a dog. I'd rather have a dog friend and a robowaifu than one of these entitled millennial thots. I'm getting a service dog.


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Mankind no longer lives in nature thus the purpose of dogs is confused, has to be supported by memes now. In the ancient days, cavemen would unite with dogs, like in a videogame, like finding a sidekick in the game to walk around with you as you explore the world. They would give damage to enemy combats like sabertooth tigers and boost real life XP. They would also give a radar upgrade and help the caveman find food and shelter. Sort of like Navi and Link. Dogs were man's best friend because they were given to men who had tough jobs. Now that everyone is domesticated, now it is just memes, sitting around doing nothing, watching sports while the dog is bored, constantly whining for attention because everyone has boring lives with no natural purpose. Dogs belong in the country, doing what they please, not cooped up in suburban homes. Its annoying as ѕhit trying to walk down the sidewalk when random stircrazy dogs star barking at you.