Ultimate Incel movie.. The GREAT Late Robin WIlliams, One Hour Photo


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Gotta feel bad for the character... Also robin williams was never that handsome, but he had a one of a kind personality... Well loved across the world, but came to the saddest ending... what a loss


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Anyone else LOVE this movie? Robin played a VERY SAD tragic incel guy, and he was PERFECT, and maybe driven slightly crazy because of being soo incel..
No, Robin Williams ain't perfect. If Williams was not rich & famous, Williams looks like the type of guy who could get a girlfriend who is a 3 or a 4. Williams was not that short at 5'8". Williams was not overweight or especially homely.

It is rare for actors to be especially ugly because being especially ugly would likely prevent one from being cast in movies. Yeah, i know about Sarah Jessica Parker blah blah blah i said rare, not unheard of. The best actor i can think of to act in an incel role in a movie would be 4'10" Danny Devito, just because he is so short. If Danny was not rich and famous, 99.9% of women would never c0nsider touching him with a 10' pole.


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Ugly men usually get cast in comedy or as a villain. But they are never the main character in action movies.


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I just finished watching this movie for the first time a few minutes ago. The movie One Hour Photo definitely is heavy on the theme of loneliness, but One Hour Photo does not address involuntary celibacy per se. Sy Parrish (Robin Williams' character) could have been volcel for all we know. Sy never shows any signs of sexual frustration whatsoever throughout this entire movie.
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