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EteRnal Evil.
Literally anything people of the manosphere post on society and people gets this or a similar comment.

A post on why (((feminism))) is wrong because it's aimed at making more foids get Chad they'll say you just don't understand whamyn are oppressed and want to control m'lady, despite the fact that your message is about actual inequality and hypocrisy. And the impact of this message is men making less dumb decisions and being less of whiteknight cucks. Definitely a good thing.

A post on why gender equality is a forced meme and not attainable the SJW allies will give each other up for the sake of projecting consistency: "we admit physiological differences" or "full equality is fair" or whatever. They'll still remain allies because the result of their struggle is not letting the strongest win and actually oppressing straight white men because of muh patriarchal colonialism bogeyman.

A post on looks/personality will be ignored because "you're not understanding that everything I don't like is wrong", "muh wife, her son and happily ever after" and other incoherent soy noises.

This "everything I don't like is wrong" is literally the only message they can possibly be conveying with what they say and still look more or less sane, so I'm assuming that's what they really do.
From this it follows "you guys don't understand" actually means "you don't want to believe in my myth and have thoughts different from mine which is a crime, not logical, not funny and not acceptable".

The difference in how they claim things "work" is explained by not just their desire to oppress, but by the fact they interpret people's actions judging from their declared intentions. Not only are these often lies, but they may have zero connection with actual results which we here in the manosphere are pointing out. The actual misunderstanding happens between the soyciety and the idea of consequentialism:
Basically, as said in the article, it's about evaluating people's actions on the basis of their actual result (namely your inceldom, single mothers ruining future generations, men becoming soy cucks and so on).

Many if not most of our critics don't even adhere to a framework in which one could possibly evaluate morality or rightness of their actions in advance, they themselves are in fact unaware consequentialists, but the criteria to evaluate result of any action is their precious fee-fees.

It's nothing else but devotion to this idea, because they literally crusade all over the internet in an attempt to purge everyone who has a different opinion, the very fact of which is increasingly called "hate speech" or even "hate crime". It extends far beyond just manosphere, even more or less neutral social media personalities who might as well be considered cucks here get strikes for hurting fee-fees. And these are the same people who promote self-awareness and projection memes implying they are aware of what they are and definitely not projecting anything. The irony of that is incredible.

I can't help but develop a symmetric wish to have them shut down from the Internet, but even if I had the power to do that, implementing this idea would result in the same totalitarian censorship they want and I do not want. What ideology it will be coloured in is largely unimportant.


Destined Virgin
The part where you refer to how the extremist reactions of how SJW's interpret what they hear is accurate. Whatever doesn't fit in with societal norms or more specifically, their agenda of a perfect utopia is seen as a great threat. This is how they have control over the system and why many voices are being silenced, media spreading misinformation, and how future generations are under great threat because of this.

Additionally, the "hate speech/crime" isn't real, but it's SJW's who have control over the system that allow the SPLC to target groups that oppose their perspective and making them look like they are worse than rapists/murders, solely for possessing a difference of opinions. It truly is frightening.

Furthermore, I as well wish they would be silenced themselves, at least to have a taste of their own medicine.