Tyrone mocks tinder date for frauding hard


EteRnal Evil.
It should be LARP, but anyway pretty amusing.

Tyrone arranged a date via Tinder with a black giga Stacy, but got a balding Becky.

Her actual looksmatch will get starfish once in a leap year from his post-wall roastie wifey. I mean, she still looks pretty good, but the magnitude of fraud is incredible.

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Daily reminder that men get mocked for whatever they do to fake their genetic worth. An incel, if exposed for wearing lifts or a wig, will be mocked for the rest of his life for 'insecurities' by everyone, but for whamanz it's totally OK to fraud up to 4 points, and just a bit risky to do more, like 6 or 7. I believe this is exactly what she did.
Idk Tyrone could have been more tactful tbh tbh, but hey, she asked for it. She'd get away with that IMO if she went for a normie, because they are all thirsty AF, but no, she wanted Tyrone. Too bad that for him females are disposable