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I have lots of theories as to why i'm so terrible at attracting dates and i'd like to hear you guys opinions on them. Which of these are BS and which or these are actually a real problem that guys face?

> Being Ugly or 'Not Conventionally Attractive'
Clearly the obvious one and its the easiest one to fall back on. You can say how it isn't your fault because of genetics. In my case I find looking particularly masculine makes me very unhappy and makes me less confident than the way I currently present myself (Kind of androgynous looking). You'd think that some girls would be into my type though? I dont know, maybe i'm both ugly AND unconventionally attractive??

> Having no confidence
I'm the kinda person who loses confidence after drinking, falls at any hint of rejection, finds it difficult to ever feel good about the way I look. This is the stereotypical normie problem, and I dont know whether or not to believe this. If its true it's almost as bad as the first one because I have serious self esteem issues based on having severe Body Dysmorphic problems. Do I just need to do some kind of intensive CBT or something to fix this?

> Being disagreeable or having boring interests
I'm usually pretty direct with the way I talk about things and find it hard to be interested in a lot of discussion points women like to talk about (SJW politics, Anime, Music, School/University, Theater, Travelling, Topics to do with beauty (for obvious reasons) and more). Like I often struggle to make any conversations with some people because we clearly like talking about different things. Either that or i'm too dismissive of things or too open for my dislike of things. I'm not Autistic by the way.

>Waiting for girls to show interest
This kinda ties into Confidence but it seems like it's pretty apparent that being a guy means that you are expected to make all the moves, ask for all the dates, initiate conversations; even when girls show next to no interest in you. Very little women share eye contact with me, seem like they particularly want to talk to me, or follow up on things later. Like you cant just wait around for girls to like you, right?? Or should I just be waiting around (Lots of people say that you should just 'do the things you are passionate about'), even though i'm super lonely in my position right now and find it hard to get the motivation to focus on personal projects?

I'm bi but prefer girls way more but I just end up going back to guys even though i'm not really into them because I find it so much easier. Should I just give up if I am not prepared to:
A. Become more typically attractive to women
B. Learn to "Love myself" and don't feel so ѕhit about the way I look
C. Try to do more interests and stop being so negative about topics
D. Get used to the idea that i'm going to have to do all the work myself?

I wonder if its maybe just a combination of all of these things that fucks me up. Like maybe i'm doing more than one thing wrong.
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