Tried drawing my sister, failed, how do i improve my art?


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theweb said:
Letmego said:
Really? So what is the worst on my drawing lol
i truly don't think anything on this is "the worst", its obvious you put effort into this and i think that gives it merit as a piece on its own. like i said, the hair is a lil simplified, but with some detail and work on the colors of the shadows/highlights i really think it'll make this pop. additionally, if you're going for photorealism, the eyes would need to be a bit smaller and head shape refined. however, that is a style i know people go for!

on the other hand, i think you did a lovely job with the eyelashes and lips!
Feels like ur pitying my lack of talent lol but thanks nonetheless
nah man ive worked with a range of other artists on different levels of skill. everyones at different places in their journey and everyone has things they can improve on, myself included. you're doing good, i'm excited to see where you take this!


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Lordgoro said:
I USED to have a weird drawing gift long ago, I was basically a living copy machine with a zoom feature, but havent done that in over 35 years, pretty sure its gone now.. Wrote about it in my early chapters..
Yes, I remember that part.
Pretty much ALL of my various talents have been very STRANGE, and at the very LEAST quite "unconventional" to say the least, and in many cases, very UNUSEFUL in practical living or SOCIALLY..