Transferred to Hellish dimension


I am who I am and I can be no other
Back in 7th and 8th grade girls like me a lot. I was new to a school and literally had almost every girl in my grade attracted to me. It was then when I had my first and only kiss. She was my 7th grade "girlfriend" and it only lasted like a month lmao. But, I wish I hadn't rejected so many girls. I had choices; there were 3 girls who really wanted me and I chose the most stuck up one. One of the girls was really kind and flirty, but I completely ignored her because she wasn't that pretty. There was another girl I ignored. I was kinda mean to her and told her she looked like a "prostіtute". She was pretty hot. I must have have been stupid for rejecting her. I had girls finding out where I lived (because it was a neighborhood school) and knocking on my door when I was gone and asking my mom if I was there. In those same days, I went to the mall and some girl was like, "hey you with the white shirt! Hey my friend wants to talk to you!" And was giggling with their friends in a flirty way and I completely ignored them and continued walking. When girls at school would compliment me, I'd laugh and just thank them.


I am an ugly incel who no woman on earth wants and I am out of shape (which is why I go to the gym so much) I am depressed, forgotten, blackpilled, invisible, shy, and full of anxiety and despair. It happened so fast. The me of today is nothing like the me of 2008-2009. It's like I fell asleep and never woke up and all of this is some giant hellish dimension or purgatory that my soul got stuck in. Either that or sometime between 2009 and 2010 I entered a different timeline where things are devastatingly grotesque and painful.

Like the Mars Volta song:

"Who brought me here!?"


EteRnal Evil.
Massive volcel ITT.

To be fair, it's not rejection if she never directly offered anything. "Being flirty" is easily a LARP to attract attention.


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This is the exact same story as me. Used to get female flirtation at high school, but was too scared and mentalcel to get laid. Now, as an adult, I am depressed, forgotten, blackpilled, invisible, shy, and full of anxiety and despair. Nowadays the highschool days are over, I get just rejection and ghosted. I missed the damn boat. It reminds me of how I missed the bitcoin boat I'm stuck in purgatory...fml. This world is such a broken game.

I cope by realizing I will die and none of it will matter. I try not to dwell on my numerous mistakes and regret. My only fear is that I will die and have to relive my life all over. That is why I don't kms. I am waiting for Science to give an answer on what happens after we die.