toxic masculinity


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Read this article about toxic masculinity. The cringe level is only 2000, but still cringe.

The article is not based. First of all, yes, toxic masculinity is a thing. But the article is not based at all. Toxic masculinity exists due to 80/20 rule and inherently subconsciously viewed as of low worth. Men are viewed as the janitors of the galaxy, Nature treats them as if they have no value, and because of this, kramer is naturally toxic.


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"Toxic masculinity" is a forced meme and this Hayley babe should learn to code.

Also what's with this "having a cat makes you a cuck" thing? How am I supposed to run villain game without a fat black cat?

IMO the real problem is male feminism.
soys will be soys


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Feminism is the cause of toxic masculinity. It is not based, thus hides the 80/20 rule. Males are raised in blue pill, then realize blue pill is not for them, then get toxic and bitter.

Numales are toxic also, sjws tend to be toxic like antifa. But something is also toxic about the art style of numales, like if you go on Steam library the games seem toxic and artificial, like sterile. I call this toxic feminity.

Toxic feminity is like a depletion, a void, toxic masculinity is like an excess, antifa found a way to be both.


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I think cats are feminine, thus cats associated with cucks. Even in lions, only the alpha lions get laid, the rest of the lions are exiled into faggotry. Pretty much feminism in a nutshell. I used to like cats until I realized they reminded me of all the negative feminine behavoirs I disliked about women. Cats are also incoherent, often getting mad at you for no reason, then liking you the next.