To yall powerful wizards, wake up, and avoid genocide.


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For a while just like the furry community I've never taken this community seriously as I thought people can't be this ridiculous in real life, but unfortunately you young men out there are proving me wrong and spreading a movement, which in turn is a weakness for new generations.

My message to you all is be brave, you're sexually frustrated, no problem, go run, go jog, that's it. Live your life and don't be jealous of anyone. Things will fall into places for you or won't but at the end of the day you need to make some adjustments. If men are supposed to be strong then blaming women in an ocean where's there more than 7 billion people just seem like a weakness.

Don't lose out to the criminal enterprises or organizations out there who are grateful that powerful and bright people such as yourself can't move on with life because you're having a hard time finding a mate. Trust me, they're very grateful for your kind as you currently earn them money, and this is why I need you all to wake up and be aware of your potentials as human beings. You're the kind who can find or see things others can't or refuse to look at, it's you who shape unique futures and societies, look at this site, how many of these so called Alphas that you envy can contribute their time to the knowledge of building such complex digital puzzles? Think of the world as a barbaric wasteland, and you, a time traveler who can master technologies that are beyond the cavemen and can bring most tribes to their knees.

Don't get stuck on a woman and the man she's interested in. Focus on your life then you'll find happiness.

As a teen I've never chased after the pussy and lived my life. To this date I've never had woman tie me down. I'm not the smartest, I'm not rich, I'm not a drug dealer, and I don't have a muscular body or 6 pack. I've avoided all the stupid situations in my life and now when I ejaculate it's over the wives' or girlfriends' phones who have their husband or boyfriend as a wallpaper, and I ensure they lick every drop off their phones. This is nature, don't give up on life because you haven't embraced your machismo and you feel jealousy. Assemble to push out the true threat to your existence that have been contributing to your sexual frustration through club scenes, the global criminal enterprises who are spreading corruption in the name of wealth, and further regressing the world back into barbarism. They corrupt society with entertainment and drugs, and with the promise of wealth and power, they increase their numbers based off the poverty they help expand.

Learn to fight for your existence, if there are men out there who have a disability but still can get laid then you have no reason to blame anyone else but yourself for being to shallow to move on past your own weakness.
Never in my life have I felt envy over another man fucking a hot woman, and I've almost had the same upbringing as some of yall. The difference? Maybe it was love from my people, and myself.

I had to get this off my chest because I want to let yall know that you are valuable. Once you become strong you make history, legends, or myths.