TO my Incel Brothers, whats your HIGHEST GOAL or DREAM in your LIFE?


No girl to send couple memes to
I want to write a great book,to leave John Martin and Leo Tolstoy behind.

I want an apartment in London and a good job I will at least tolerate.


Revenge, then to achieve asexuality so I’m not held back by my primitive urges. That is true ascension in my eyes.
Listen to a lot of stardusk's material if you want to reach asexuality, the more you learn the less you care to be honest. I'm asexual at this point however you will occasionally masturbate just because it feels good even if there is no raw lust there. Dopamine is still a factor obviously. I'm not particularly attracted to the physique of women anymore. Once you see them for what they are it's a no biggy.


Empty soul
When I was a kid I wanted to be astronaut or astrologist but now that dream already parish so look for other path . I find myself what I can do well and I find some . I kinda can draw and write a script and decent at cooking and making drink . I still leaving in abyss not having any desire but I followed an advice by someone in my school stated "if you don't want to became nothing , please be a human being " so I followed his advice. Right now I want to be human being who take care his parents and helping other human being who deserves his kindness.