TO my Incel Brothers, whats your HIGHEST GOAL or DREAM in your LIFE?


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Siren0 said:
Hidden said:
Why you want that?
they are the only people who have ever and will care for me
True but why work for them? You can't neet maxxx?
i would but sitting around doing nothing with my life makes me feel like even more of a piece of ѕhit than i already am, its just a way to cope and get my mind off how sad my life is.


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I would love to see great societal change enacted, to the point that clown world shakes off its prejudice and brings REAL equality, especially for foids.

As for me personally, I’d like to move out on my own (parents and family are hell), be a great artist, gymmaxx and magically become Gigachad so I can treat toilets like the scum they are. Though I wouldn’t mind fame either, I would use it to tell edgy jokes like St Jokercel.


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Besides getting laid(obviously).. What would be your HIGHEST goal to see happen in existence? Doesnt matter how CRAZY it is, I wanna HEAR IT!!! What do you want to see HAPPEN in your lifetime? PLEASE ALL REPLY my brothers, and be HONEST!!!
I want to create vasts amount of wealth to lift people, specifically men, out of poverty. I want to alleviate the vast amount of suffering that is within the world. I also want to design an efficient and faster form of space travel so that this species can finally get off this rock. Might even use spiritual knowledge to help my understanding of the universe to create a faster way to manoeuvre through spacetime


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To become completely financially secured and independent from the wage-slave hell I'm working in right now. Start a family with a beautiful, loving and kind wife. Have some kids and maybe start some small family business.


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Cypher eating the steak KNOWS its an illusion, but doesnt give a ѕhit... good enough for him..WATCH the Matrix, for yourself...