Tired of women taking over human resources


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I just graduated with degrees in accounting and management and now i'm going back to get a masters degree +CPA.

I applied to a bunch of jobs but got anything. The problem is that most women are fucking retarded. Instead of asking me about my degrees and technical experience all they did was ask me about my work experience and focused on how well I can speak. Most of these fat,dumb, ugly, whale, office workers would take a Chad with a low GPA and a management degree who smiles at their ugly faces over someone with a more technical degree (such as accounting or finance) because the Chad looks better and worked in a coffee shop or whatever.

Most women don't care about degrees, intelligence or technical knowledge. All they care about is work experience and how well you speak. So tired of these retards taking over the workforce. I fear that when I graduate, it will still be hard for me to get jobs because these fat, whales care more about how well you speak and how much you smile over degrees or knowledge.


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The best argument against raising minimum wage, lol. It sounds like you're applying for office cubicle type jobs. In those cases I'd imagine the femoid employers know they're going to have to see and interact with who they hire on a regular basis so naturally they're going to hire some Chad eye candy. Maybe she even plans to sexually assault said Chad in the workplace, but it wouldn't get called sexual assault because Chad wouldn't care and nor would society because men can't be raped and wamen can do no wrong.


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what jobs were you applying for? HR? of course speaking is important in that role. She was probably just offended that a MAN would want a role.


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Accounting and management can easily be on the top of the least incel-friendly fields. Well, you have first-hand experience and know how much it sucks. I've heard accountingcels rejected because "you know we have predominantly female staff so you don't fit in". Equality is so equal.

Good luck with the certificate. Btw why CPA and not ACCA or CFA?