Tired of this patronizing shit


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I'm not talking about forbsintel, his survey is fine, I'm talking about other people, fucking self-righteous normies.

I sat through a long video made by a normie, trying to give "advice" to incels in a patronizing way, the vid was blue-pilled as fuck telling incels they just need to try harder and that women aren't really at fault.

Scrolling through the comments, the overwhelming majority of these cunts were saying that incels seem creepy and homicidal, and that women are afraid of them.

What about all the fucking cunts who marry actual literal serial killers? That's perfectly fine but if someone is a potential serіal kіller, then its somehow creepy and crossing the line? Wtf. Meanwhile women will date and fuck actual convicted felons all the time...I've litterally talked with convicted felons and their sex lives are amazing, no shortage of women.

So wtf...Eliot Rodger being feminine and autist makes him creepy? And what about the pathetic incels who aren't nearly as homicidal as he was. I suppose anyone who acts like an autist or outside of the norm is creepy according to these stacies and normie pieces of shit.

And its like, if you don't want me to beat your head to the fucking wall like you fucking deserve, then maybe I'd be a lot nicer if you treat me nice. I'm not going to go through my whole life being rejected and tossed on the sidelines like used garbage, and hear you spineless cowardly fucks telling me to be positive and nice. If you don't want me to be angry, if you don't want me to rage, if you want me to be "safe", then maybe give me some love just like every other fucking asshole chad you fucks like to adore so much. And if I never get any love, don't blame me for my rage and hostility you dumb fucking hypocrit literal fuckwad pieces of shit, im talking to you you pathetic normies and feminist cunt and Spineless chad manginas who have no balls and go whining to the police at every minor infraction, you filthy worthless pieces of shit that is literally the worst thing in america right now. You spineless chad pieces of shit...if I threaten to beat you down, if I threaten to smash your head on the fucking fridge somehow I'm the one who don't deserve to get laid bc I'm toxic??? That's how nature works you fucking asshole, the alpha, the strong, take out their anger physically, not in 2018 I guess apparently when you have to be a pathetic weak Spineless goodie-two-shoes at all times or else you're toxic. What the fuck. Swear to god done with humanity, pathetic fucking shit-stains who ought to jump off the San Francisco.


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I swear to god, not even finished with this fucking conversation yet. I'm not EVEN fucking done yet.

It's more than them just being spineless sacks of shit. It's scientifically PROVEN that these pathetic weakling chads they fuck are BAD PEOPLE. They are garbage people they stand for nothing, if a litterally fascism was to take over this world they would be sucking its dick, they are filthy traitors and have no philosophy or ethics or anything but mindless sheep consumerist mentality.

These worthless chads and thots spread their worthless selfish genes around until the world devolves into complete degeneracy, like idiocracy, soon there will be nothing left but 90 iqs!

And then these hypocrit fucks have the audacity to tell me I'm not worthy of a date until I cut off what's left of my damn balls and give up my violent urges to punch glass and walls...I swear to god...until I become a pathetic spineless sack of shit zombie apparently i'm not worthy of a date...What fucking insanity. I swear to god if i was rich i would punch so many damn walls, they ought to even thank me, thank god for cops. Thank god i have to punch my own walls instead of these fucking chad shit-stains in society, cause eventually i might actually get hurt...

And these hypocrits have the AUDACITY to blame ME, me of all people, for lashing out!!! How many years of getting bombarded by twitch thots and pornography and how many years of not getting any and being absolutely fucking frustrated and miserable, to blame me, me of all people for any angry outbursts I commit. Its this fucking society that should be blamed, these chad and stacie fucking hypocrits, these people are absolute evil incarnate...

I'm not even done, I need to elaborate further... They go on this vicious tirade against "nice guys", they find videos and comments of "nice guys" doing bad things and are then like..."See...look...look how bad these "nice" people are"....Its like how many years of being unnappreciated, HOW MANY YEARS of getting no attention or love HOW MANY FUCKING YEARS until these "nice" people snap and become not so nice...Nice people cannot be blamed for this shit world, its not their fault, how many fucking years of being treated like garbage and then you blame them for having anger issues...what a Fucking joke! And you act like its their fault for not getting any, despite chads and twitch thots can get on demand sex with ease....without even having to try! And then you go on to shame nice guys even more... like "OMG guy is nice to a girl just to get in her pants?" Heaven help it if a fucking thirsty guy who never got laid IN THEIR ENTIRE LIFE wants to get laid...Heaven help it! Heaven help if he was nice and polite just to get laid...who knew...they act like its some great travesty to want to get laid...fuck these cunts i swear to god! I swear to god!