Thread devoted to the modern landwhale.


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Saw an ad with the fat feminist bitch of Saturday Night Live. She has her own TV show for an analysis of the character's psyche.

She is a landwhale with man shoulders. Times like these I think women should be encouraged to wear manly clothes like jeans. Or at least back to the 1800's style clothing where fat girls could wear dresses and not look like awkward landwhales.

In the show she is dating a manly subchad, who acts completely beta. His facial hair is gross and there is a scene where she kisses him...disgusting. Let me ask you this...would you kiss that man? I wouldn't kiss that guy. I'd rather kiss Gavin McKinnes or Mylil metropolis, at least they are good looking on the eyes.

Psychologically the show starts out with annoying beats if you know what I mean. Complete dissonance. The beats are so aggressive, yet females doing the vocals. It feels like I'm being assaulted. Its so disjointed, its like modern females want to appear feminine, yet at the same time, want to assault you. I think its due to their autogynephillic reactions, she is dating a subchad beta. The autogynephillia and narcissism says she should be proud, her man appreciates her, loves her, kisses her even. Appreciates, loves, kisses.... (so you should feel proud amirite? are high status...high status...) He is high status in the community, high status in the community this validates her (validates herrrr) narcissism. Yet her animal, reptilian mind, wants chad. Deep down she hates herself for settling with a subchad beta. I wouldn't kiss him tbh, probably you wouldn't either. Deep down she wants chad. (Chad only, chad only, chad onlyyyy.........) The hostile schism, her split mind playing loud, aggressive music at the audience. Music so toxic it, it causes me to be sick to my stomach, toxic feminity I call it, my immediate instinct is to repeatedly smack whoever made it with a broom.

In b4 bigots tell me I'm a bigot for not wanting to kiss that guy....... Also in b4 hypothetical feminazis tell me I don't deserve to get laid because a. I insulted some guy I don't know and b. I dont want to kiss some guy I don't b4 the big lecture of how its "wong to hut feeleeengs" and the lecture of "how can i expect to get love if i dont give love" FAAAAK U. some random millionaire who gets laid, I should be fucking allowed to make fun of random millionaires who get laid now go fuck yourself cunt *breaks keyboard like a german boy* FAAKKKKK