Thoughts on Ellіot Rodger? Dylann Roof?


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One man doing violent things to individuals can't change the world, they were insane.


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i doubt i dont agree he might be true alpha warrior cuz all the other pussy loser men who speak against Ellіot rodger they are only Betas cuz they dont have the balls to do it


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I don't approve of the violence Eliot Rodger's did. Eliot Rodgers was clearly insane, he wanted to torture other incels and kill his own father. Also, he wanted to put all women in concentration camps, which is the gayest thing I ever heard. I don't think he is really a good role model for anyone.

That being said, I don't like people who can't understand why he became so violent and insane. Incel can really damage ones state and peace of mind, and its time people see it instead of acting flabbergasted about how someone could become that way. Incel is a serious psychological condition that society likes to downplay and brush under the rug.

That is to say, I don't think being violent necessarily means you are insane, its just the brand of violence that Eliot did was crazy, such as wanting to torture other incels and gas all women.

As for Dylan Roof, some woman turned him into a Nazi who wanted to shoot up a church. That being said, I'm not a Nazi and I don't agree with burning all jews and jewish books in ovens. However, when it comes to church, Christians have been burning and pillaging people for years and this Dylan Roof thing is barely even karma for them. Christians have also been raping kids minds, by brainwashing them to believe they will be tortured to hell for eternity, Christianity is a sickness.

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Legends, both in their own ways. I don't really care for racially motivated shootings, though. I just like seeing normfags get what is coming to them by the ones who have had enough of their bullshit for years.