This whole thing about being privileged just because of being white is bullshit.


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Like the topic title says, this whole thing about being privileged because of being white is bullshit and let me explain why.

Some black female beat one of her white children to death and guess what? She was the same kind to post this false ‘white privilege’ stuff online and I feel this was a racist killing if you ask me.

In a lot of news related stuff, they just don’t bother to show blacks killing whites but only show whites killing blacks because society wants whites to always appear as evil when both can be as horrible eachother but the majority of news related ѕhit will only show


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Statistically, black killing black is the highest murder rate, usually related to gang vs gang violence ie Bloods vs Crips.

BLM is focused on white cops mistreating black criminals, nothing else.

Media considers incels as privileged; we work our asses off to support welfare bitches with our income taxes while they refuse to fuck us. What privilege! Thank God I am a privileged ricecel instead of a crips member who doesn't work and spends his free time banging single sl*t moms.


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Normiehypocrisy said:
Black foid i'ts the worst, they are the most victimizing, but at the same time the most challenging and provocative.
I don't wanna date those sheboons, when I look at their face , the resemblance to ape is too strong
Don't have to date the single sl*t moms, you just have to offer them narcotics and they will spread their legs for you.