This thread respects whamen

I respect whamen...

  • I am not a supreme gentleman or have low t

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  • Never

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  • Once a day, no films

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  • Once a day, with films

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  • Two or three times a day, no films

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  • Two or three times a day, with films

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  • More, no films

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  • More, with films

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EteRnal Evil.
Everyone knows that to ascend a modern man has to treat whamen as decent human beans they are and definitely not sexual objects. Also stand for whamen's rights.

How many times a day do you respect whamen? And btw, do you watch movies with stronk female protagonists while you respect whamen?

no one will see which option you'll pick


Incels.Net Master
I respect 2d and 3d women and Joan of Arc. Dont know any noble women irl tbh.

Even mother theresa was a gigantic asshole who wanted poor people to suffer and loved subhuman third-world banana dictators.


Locally undesired.
Just respect le womenz and you will ascend just like me. My wife’s boyfriend is happy for me and my wife and if I’m lucky enough tonight, it might be my turn to get le pussy this time. XD


Incels.Net Master
Is respect women slang for watching porn? Coz if it is Im respecting them bitches every day at least once usually more than twice.