This started as an attack


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This was a troll account, ment to go along with the Ben Harris one created by a friend of mine. At the time I believed incels were terrorist and sexiest. The thread about Parkland did make me mad, sure. But after browsing, I came to the conclusion that "Incel Tears" was a fucking stupid subreddit and far from accurate. There are bad incels sure, but mostly you're just complaining about Injustices that do exist against men. We get to champion equal rights for women, yet when a man points out an injustice, he's "toxic" and need to be mocked. We women so have an easier time getting laid, much easier. We can accuse men of rape, and we're automatically victims. All this is just my perspective as a woman so I'm sure there's more. Long story short, my opinion changed when I actually opened my eyes.


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I also initially had some negative views of incels. I thought many of them probably just gave up too quickly or never even tried, found themselves a community that agrees with them and then just became more and more radicalised in their views. After reading story after story about how they tried approaching women and got rejected over and over again and how they got shunned by society, I started to believe them and sympathise with them. The reality they experience is one that most normies and chads/stacies just aren't aware of (most of us have kind of a tunnel vision of reality ... only aware of our own experience and that of a few other people).

r/IncelTears is just cherry-picking the worst posts made in these communities.

Anyway ... I really wanna congratulate this community for how constructive and patient they are with us "normies". This is the only incel community I know of that allows outsiders to communicate with them. I've learned a lot already from visiting this forum.


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Yeah, inceltears is where all the closeted-incels and soys hang out to conjure up bad shit to say about incels. All they do is feast on the despair of incels. When they see posts which really challenge their own flawed viewpoint, they ignore it and pretend it's not there. They just aim to paint incels as these really horrible monsters who've no empathy, emotions, or kindness.

Are incels violent at times? Yes, but not all incels are violent. In fact, I've seen many hypocritical posts from IT users claiming that they want all incels dead. Yet, when an incel longs for "love and sex", they are EVIL TOXIIC INKELS. "NOOO WYMYN FOR U. U NO ENTITLED TO SEX. U BAD BAD TOXIC SEXIST MAN"