This picture was when it all went to shit for men.


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These pictures show how in ww1 in the U.K, women who stayed at home to do the cooking and cleaning (the pathetic easy jobs) went around humiliating young men who didn't entirely fancy going to France to be shredded apart by machine gun fire in the cold, swampy trenches. These housewives and girls saw it as a man's role to act like a man, which included not only providing income for the family, but also dying in a merciless war. This was, of course, also the era when women had recently been insisting (suffragettes) that women had no need to act feminine.

I am all for equality. They are not. So when the media tells you that you are a 'misogynist', a 'women hater' or something along those lines, don't be alarmed or doubt yourself. It is THEM who have always been the sexists and supremicists. It was in 1914 when the Great War broke out, and it is today when men are told we must not dislike fat women or those in their 30's not married, but a women putting 6ft+ only in her tinder bio is just a natural preference. (for reference, i'm 6ft2 so this isn't a selfish complaint)