This is the impression america has about us INCELS!


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This guy might be the biggest nerd and loser I have EVER seen... And I can almost guarantee hes an incel, Unfortunately... God help us ALL..


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He is actually NOT an incel, he has a fiance.

He is not a real star wars fan either, real star wars fans would not be excited for the disney star wars. I can only hope Mark Hamill's endorsement is him trolling and being ironic. The star wars reaction video he made is so fucking stupid that I hope it was intentionally made just to stir up the pot and that it is not real in any way.


They think that all Incels are like Ellіot Rodger
And if we aren't Ellіot 2.0 ... well then we must be Alek from Toronto 2.0 !!! Because those are the only types of incels that exist, just ask the cucks over at "Vice News".