This girl i’ve been talking to


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So i’ve known this femoid for quite some time on twitter, like a few years but haven’t really been bothered to speak to her since all of her followers are up her vagina all the time and she just basks in it so i didn’t really care since she was a dumb whore, but we were mutuals and she’d reply to some of my posts but one day like last year she dmed me asking about some post i made and we started talking from there and pretty what i gathered so far is, she says she’s a virgin but i kinda doubt that since she’s had 2 long term boyfriends, is pan sexual but only have ever been with men, has sexual humor but says she’s always like that, and she has daddy issues, idk if that would contribute to anything but basically what i’m getting at is, should i even try to get with her or is she probably just talking to like 6 other dudes and leading me on, she’s a 6/10, bit fat, janky teeth and ance, if she didn’t have those then she’d be a strong 8


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I say try because even though rejection is terrible it is always temporally a bad thing at least in my case and I think she isn't hitting up 6 dudes tbh. I think that she should be fine far from the fmoids I've met.


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Bro, the reason why you probs think that is because you have self-esteem issues. The reason why you haven't got any is that you generalize women and rate them by their looks. She probs looked at your post that you talked beforehand about and thought that you were an empathic person and she thought she could trust you enough with her problems -none of that emotional tampon shit. Now we aren't saying that all girls are perfect beings. Yes, there are some shitty ones out there but not all- just like not all guys are assholes, but there are some.


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GO FOR IT DUDE, i mean you have to belive in your self if you set a time and date that is perfect good new just meet up shoot the shit have a good time, and pull her hair and man handle her when you fuck her, just think about it like this, if shes agreeing to give you one second of her time which will then lead to going on one date with you that means she is putting her trust and faith in you and relying on you to deliverrrr, youve already got this in the bag she worships everything you do and say just speak from your heart be confident in everything you said touch her with total and complete confidence, if you find it awkawrd or whatever all you have to do is stop her mid sentence with a big fat kiss and from there youll be having sex and she'll be feeing after you