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Anti Social Borderlinecel
Why you give this cuck attention?
I was watching the video and all he did was talk ѕhit about incels, thing is he knows this video is gonna be on the forum so we can make fun of his ass, idc what he honestly wants to say as its all bs and too me he is seen as another soycuck SJW


Insanity Pilled
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His eyes got problems due to watching his fat landwhale "gf" getting rammed by tyrones.
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Muh Boi horrible fаggot cel just got mogged by normie and his gf in his school lmao.

Currycels in denial. Their coping mechanism reached to delusional levels.

Not only that but he is a hardcore femenist which supports cuckery! Kek. Memes write themselves.


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This kid is an ultracel himself though. Do people really believe that if they make fun of other people that suffer the same affliction that they suffer, it will magically begin to heal them?

Does sarcastically telling terminal cancer patients that they are probably going to die soon heal your own cancer? Never understood this bizarre behaviour.

If you're a virgin but want to have sex, you are an incel through and through. Talking ѕhit to other virgins will never change that. It will only make you resent yourself more subconsciously because deep down inside you know you are breaking down yourself too. Awful mentality.