This decade is when war breaks out for all of us. the world population will surpass 9.1 billion by 2050, at which point agricultural systems will fail


「Seventh Plague」
Food will surpass gold in value. Human resources will become as valuable as gold. Us, the young, will be forced to fight as soldiers for our families. Those that do not contribute will be left to die. People don't like social Darwinism but when the chips are down and you only have enough food to feed the soldier or the artist, youll always choose the soldier. I bet by 2070 military training will be introduced into school curriculum. I may just off myself. I envy milienals, they inherited the earth while it wasnt a literally hell.


MAD as a Hatter!
We NEED a serious war, like WW3, to REDUCE the populations!! And yes, Ill take my chances at being a survivor!! Anything would be better then this fucked up timeline!