They simply laugh.


As the men of the younger generation's world views and will to live is completely drained and the blackpill spreads to the furthest corners of the west, women simply laugh.
I saw within the past 3 years as men in my classes slowly get more depressed and gradually rely on drugs more to cope with existence, women were either indifferent or laughed at the pain.
God, I just want to go back to the good ole days, sure I was being treated like shit constantly, but it was a lifetime better than what I have going on now.
My life is literally just fucking ropefuel. Why can't I just be some little 12 year old retard watching SAO and BlueExorcist


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I can never get back to the good old days unless girls suddenly start caring about me. My mind just is no longer in that place. I was destined for faliure as soon as I set foot on college and I had no idea. Things went from promising in the first semester to shit. I just need quarantine to fucking end