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I've said it. There. are. no. predators. on. the. bloody. web. Why you wonder? BECAUSE IT'S FULL OF CUCKOLD COUPLE CATFISHERS. How would there be fuсking predators if a platform is full of attention seeking degenerates?

Okay, let's say they exist which completely defeats my thread's title, but in terms of quantity, who prevails? Those who catfish. How would I support this? On YouTube, there are tons of catfishing videos conducted on Cuckord which influences its audiences to do the same thing for ATTENTION. Now, I don't know which kind of sick fuck enjoys watching/making these kinds of videos but hell no, I surely don't.

To clarify, I'm not trying to justify the rejected beta males actions or what a pompous hypocritical child desperate for validation points on the intrawebs would call a simp, but as a male who hates women, sex, and those who act upon it, not to mention I'm logical and a genuinely nice person. It is easy to say that they are victims and the catfisher is the culprit who needs to be prosecuted in a case yet to be filed.

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Anyone who thinks going after prime teenagers is "pedophilia" has such a cuck mentality, 14/15/16 is acceptable by all means and only beta cuckolds would disagree with that as it looks like they'd take anything soyciety shoves down their throats without complaint. I will not date a middle aged roastie or an old hag because that's what soyciety wants me to have, fuck that. I either get a young reasonably aged foid or nothing at all, i don't give a ѕhit if i stay virgin. It's about dying with pride than dying as a scared simp piece of ѕhit.