Therapy is the biggest form of humiliation for incel


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If you're under therapy it never began for you. Therapy is a giant lie and cope for subhuman tier males. Look at the statistics - most of the people that are under therapy are males. Subhuman ones copying with the fact that they will always be Alone.

Also therapy is the biggest form of humiliation for incel. The biggest form of defeat.
Imagine that you must pay these people alot of your hard earned money (90% of this site users are probably minimal pension wagecucks working overtime for scraps) to other people to teach you and "make" you seem normal to normies. Meanwhile you're wasting ѕhit ton od money to fix what your bullies had done to you.

They live their fuсking prime time of their lifes. Life that you will never have.

People that undergone therapy are seen as socially rejected loosers, mentally handicapped. If you're going to mention that you're under therapy I can assure you that people will look at you, automatically as subhuman mental freak. Not even mentioning females here.

And youre paying for it. Paying to be called freak and giving your money to fix what people have done to you because your bones are weaker, recessed jaw, ethnic or autistic.

My recommendation? Go sign papers for your NEETbuxx. Get as a much as you can, milk your country and cuck chads and stacy. Cuck normies and go full Manchildmaxx. Enjoy your hellish life on that cursed planet some advanced apes called Earth. They need to pay for what they done to you.


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Therapy is a cope for bluepillers that cant accept the fact their lifes are bad because they are not Chad or Tyrone i love how alll therapist are woman and tell you lies that life will become better if u are nice etc while their stole our money and sleep with bad boy tyrone


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I disagree. I hate bluepill stuff more than anything, as I am a believer in genetic determinism.
Still, if there wasn't for meds, I'd be in grave or mental institution long ago. Probably in grave.

I mean, if pharmacotherapy can help you feel better, why refuse it? To sit on ass in your room like a neetcel, feel nothing but frustration and emptiness? Repeating this same emptiness day after day will only enable development of various personality disorders. Take care as you might get yourself in a situation when you'll be forced to have therapy.
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