The worst enemies of the videogames of the past and the present


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I still remember how in the eraly 90s, when the super nintendo and the sega genesis started a "war" against each other for wich one was the most popular, they both had another enemy: the religions and the conservative groups. Religions and conservative groups where everywhere talking about that "videogames are bad" and "videogames are things of satan".

Mostly, videogames like DOOM and mortal kombat were the most criticized by the conservativers. Ironic, becasue in the videogame DOOM the main characters has a war against demonic beings.

Later, in the around the year 2005, a imbecile lawyer called jack thompson started to cricize videogames too, calling them "violent" and saying that "the create violence among the young people". That lawyer is a total idiot...good thing he lost his fame and power...


Finally, when the idiot lawyer jack thompson started to lose power and popularity we thing everything will be fine....but we were wrong...

Around the year 2019 the feminists, the jews, the lgbt, the social justice warriors, the black lives matter and the antifa started to do wathever they can to ruin videogames by forcing their anti-male agenda, their anti-heterosexual agenda and forced diversity agenda...

The videogame of "the last of us" for example, wich was the even called "the best videogame of the year" and was know to be epic , had a sequel ruined by those plagues....

the "last of us 2", also know as "the most jew videogame" or "propaganda of the left wing" is a proof of what happens when let the feminazis, the lgbt and the social justice warriors ruin videogames...the main characters are two lesbos, the main villain is a transexual wich at the end is forgiven of his gruesome actions and the only white race heterosexual main character of the first videogame is killed and forgotten as he did no existed...


Another example is the videogame of the battletoads, the fanservice is removed and the female villain is not a villain anymore...


As a gamer who started since as a kid playing videogames and that i have more than 25 years playing videogames, i can say:

- The videogames are NOT "things of satan", so the religions and the conservatives are idiots.

- Videogames do NOT turn people into violent people, so jack thompson is a imbecile.

- If i play videogames is because i want to have fun, NOT because i want to see anti-male agenda or lgbt agenda or forced diversity feminists, social justice warriors, jews, lgbt, black lives matter and antifa stop messing with videogames...

In short, videogames always had enemies wich tried to ruin them by criticizing them, or by talking bad about them, or by forcing their agendas in them...


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In this decade most mainstream games will be SJW propaganda just like TLOU 2

This is why I play dark souls

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Exactly. And mostly SJW have lack of awareness. Japan is one of the most safest country in the world.
Meanwhile in America, let's bring a gun to school sportsfest.


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The worst enemies of the videogames 25 years ago:


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The worst enemies of the videogames now: