The TOTAL uselessness of "approaching", from an old Wizard


EteRnal Evil.
Chad can lay down on a couch and rot and still get approached by cheerleaders (or equivalent) to see how his mood is and whether he's down to [respect] them.

You can approach all day and make tesla IQ, sophisticated arrangements for """dates"""" and at the very best you will get divorce rаped after a few decades of starfish.


-Elite NEET-
Well, in 2020 its kinda irrelevant. Since "cold approaching", is totally and truly dead. Only the biggest pua's would say its still valid.


Some prick
I have had bad experiences with "approaching". It only causes me anguish in the end. It puts you in a position for foids to degrade you. But the thing is somtimes I don't even approach and I still get bullied by foids and other normies.
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