The term ‘Nice guy’ sarcastically.


Locally undesired.
I seriously despise people that use the term ‘Nice guy’ in a sarcastic way. It’s constantly used as a term to silence men who speak the truth. For example if a man calls out the shitty tastes in women and like how most of them go for total assholes, he gets called ‘Nice guy’ in a sarcastic way. Seriously, if you actually use that term sarcastically then just fuck you, you’re a degenerate and part of the problem with society. I was on Twitter and came acrosss a post from 2012 that I randomly found that said about how many women go for the assholes over the decent men basically, forgot the exact wording but if you say anything like that in 2019, people will just call you ‘Nice guy’ sarcastically because back in the days, I’m pretty sure that word in a sarcastic way wasn’t a thing. Which faggot even came up with the idea of starting off everyone saying ‘Nice guy’ sarcastically? Society really has gone to hell and I won’t be surprised if degenerates twist more words into sarcasm in a way to silence freedom of speech.