The Tale of Plastic and Metal Wolf


31 y.o. Belarus
There are a snowy forest of eternal night inside the human soul. This forest serves as hunting ground for two wolves: Plastic one and Metal one.

The chrome skin of the Metal Wolf shines in the rays of the full moon. It howls at the sky and greets it with the murmur of a running motor. A blue fire burns in his eyes, and the chains and guitars roaring accompany him. While hunting, he catches his prey with the speed, strength and noise of the electric locomotive. If the victim does slip away, he lies in his hole and gnaws his paws, leaving scratches. And the rattle of metal is heard among the sequoia for many days of travel around.

Plastic Wolf constantly searches the prey for his bottomless stretched belly. Smart and cunning, he bypasses his land, silently stepping with translucent paws. Somewhere, the unfortunate animal has already caught in the blocks of his draining wool and waiting for the fate of a fly caught in spider web. The wolf stretches its mouth full of broken glass and syringes, licking his tongue from credit cards.

Brothers do not share their prey with each other ... and when they meet, they fight and tear each other apart. The forces are equal. The forces must be equal. Over time, the brothers grow old and leave their dens rarely.

The Metal Wolf is personality and staying true to the nature. The Plastic Wolf is ego and overcoming the nature.

The death of each wolf is catastrophe that brings mind- or will-erasing daybreak to the forest.

We live in the Age of Plastic when the majority of people have killed their personality to become a vessel forever hungry egos.