The slave mindset and how to win.


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Long story short, this world is enslaved by Illuminati. Can't win against Illuminati, because Illuminati will just make up a scapegoat, then people think the problem is solved...when its really back to square one.

How to escape slavery is follow these rules:

1. Never be a full cuck, but you can be slightly cuck. It all goes back to peeing in cups.

2. Peeing in cups. 40 years ago it was absurd and outrageous to have to pee in cups. Nowadays, cucks pee in cups. And these cucks have the delusion they are not cucks. Cucks be like "I be fighting the war on drugs man.

3. Same as seatbelts. Same as TSA.

4. They manufacture a catastrophy, then give chips to "protect us". Then the chips get hacked and next thing you know, everyone gives up their guns and plugs into AI.

If you know what I mean, good. If are part of the problem.

Basically. the problem is this weak-minded IPHONE mindset. The core thing is this goodie-two-shoes "Future Crimes" mentality of modern assholes who value safety over freedom. And because people will work 40 jobs in order to gain female validation, slave mindset.

its like...peeps be textin on their iphone "save the trees save the trees" its like nigga dont get an iphone if u wanna save dem trees
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