The Perfect Utopia


Doomer RacER
Perish every single bad apple, i deem unredeemable.
By creating an ideal utopia with only the best that humanity can offer, but i would´ve to make a purge first. ( Bad genes must go, not exclusive to appearance )
There would not be one single ashkenazi kike under my rule alive, nor adulterers for that matter.

I only accept humble, genuine souls that may enter my Kingdom.

Abnormalities, like faggots and confused men in whore´s dresses...
They would all be stoned to death, or shot on sight.

Alcohol, tobacco and drugs would be outlawed.

The chosen women, would never leave the house without a proper acquaintance.
Men would select the women, by natural law.


Feel free to add more ideas.


Doomer RacER
DarkMTS_57 said:
Apathycel said:
Don’t forget, we need to stone simps and cucks to death.
All the soylent addicts and the unprincipled men.
I think I’m a perfect society. Women’s rights should be revoked. They should be delegated to to being used for nothing more than reproduction, menial labour and sexual enjoyment.
There should be a procedure of trying in their best ( the men ) to genetically give women, the ability to feel guilt.
Which that in of itself, would be a great achievement in Scientology.