the parable of the shower


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Imagine born into this world. Born a male, a nerd male, who is unlike the other Retarded, chimpanzee males of this world.

And all you want is a good, scientific world of science. And also you want to fuck a hot chick right in the pussy.

But then you are told by this world, a world of savages and of apes. But these subhuman savages try to pretend they are higher than apes. The put on labels like "humanist" and "feminist" and pretend they are "evolved". And they tell you how its wrong to lust, and told you its primitive to have natural, healthy, wholesome, needs.

This would be like the parable of the shower. Imagine if there were Showerists. Who told you it was wrong to take a shower. And all you ever wanted was just to experience just 1 shower, but not allowed. And they rationalized it by saying, thousands of years ago most of the males went without showers. Told you that showering was not a basic human need, and all you had to do was work harder to improve yourself in other ways. Then Shower veterans say "Showering not all its cracked up to be. Life is not all about a shower".

And yet, no way to convey to them that Showering is High IQ, that Showering is what is needed for a Civilized Human Being and not a mindless ape who "goes without". No way to express to the apes, that its a regression of 8000 of years of evolution, not to shower. Just like a regression of evolution when nice guys, high IQ guys, aspergers guys, empathic guys, nerd guys, always finish last, and chad jock gorillas always have sex 500 times.


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Chad needs you to science and make discoveries so he can sex and not worry about science.
Chad protects this world from your shitty genes. I am Proud that Chad Furthers Humanity in a positive way by disallowing us incels.
Lordoftheincels, you declare what you are, you declare you are incel, you declare you are high IQ, whatever it may be.
BUT you cant call yourself a cuck. and you cant call yourself a non-cuck either. its not for you to decide.
Chad decides.
If chad wants to cuck you, he will cuck you.
so if your a cuck anyway, you might as well be Gigacuck.


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This post reminds me of something I used to firmly believe in, in fact it was the crux of my entire bluepill outlook on life.

The notion that our sentience and superior intelligence is what separated humans from the animal kingdom. The ability to question the purpose of our existence, to realize what we truly are on a cosmic scale. That's what makes us a higher evolved species, superior to the rest of nature. In that superiority to nature, we leave behind it's former principles such as ape-like notions of masculinity and other tribalistic virtues we used to rely on as a primitive species. This is the reason that lesser males like us are allowed to survive.

That was the bluepill philosophy I operated under back when I was young, ignorant and still had faith in humanity. I always kept that in mind when approaching girls or attempting to belong socially. I knew I wasn't attractive or socially outgoing, but I thought "it won't matter cuz we're an evolved species that's beyond acting like animals" yet every time I tired to ask out a girl or belong to a group of extroverts, I always experienced rejection more akin to those primitive behaviors we supposedly "left behind" when we evolved.

Throughout my teenage years I continued learning the truth and naturally became blackpilled. Humans are just as animalistic and tribalistic now as they've ever been. Nothing has changed. The unfortunate males cursed genetically from birth are still at the bottom of the barrel, just the same as sub-Alpha gorillas forced into a life of celibacy and subservience.

This is why I cannot truly claim ties to any political association except maybe Anarchists, because to root for the success of humanity is not within my personal best interest. The success of a tribe means success of the tribe's leaders, the Alphas, their mates and their offspring, not those on the bottom who never reap any rewards of life regardless. So I don't root for any party trying to "make things better" for "common people" because whether they're being truthful about their intentions or not, still at the end of the day none of them are going to be doing anything to benefit someone like me. At best they'd be working to benefit the NPCs, but in all honesty they're usually just in it for themselves. So I am anti-humanity. If I somehow got the nuclear launch codes I wouldn't hesitate to light this whole world on fire and watch it burn.