The one thing girls do that just seems dumb to me


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This is kinda just a vent
So as an artist, you draw what you want be it original art, fanart, men, women, animals, anything really. I've noticed that when it comes to male artists they get criticized for drawing women in a provacative manner, especially if it's a female superhero and then they wanna act like feminist and go on a rant about how female heros are over sexualized but when a women draws a female superhero in a provocative way it's fine bEcAuSe A wOmAn dReW iT. Idk I just thought it was dumb because women can't let men draw female superheros showing a little skin.

a R t I s H a R d


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Yeah, that is stupid. Art is art just cause a little skin is showing doesn't mean its completely sexual, it should really come down to how good the art is more than anything.


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Don’t know if you’re trolling or not. But i find it funny when foids complain about something and all of a sudden it’s problem that needs to be adressed. But when men do it it’s misoginy. Equality and all that.