The old videogames and old comics vs woke videogames and woke comics


20 years ago(and even more time in the past) videogames and comics were made for us: the men who do not have social life, who are virgins , who are heterosexual, and wanted comics and videogames of good quality, so we had good videogames and good comics:






But the problem is like 7 years ago, when comics and videogames turned famous(or as they use the word "mainstream") and thats when the fucking feminists, the fucking social justice warriors, the fucking jews, the fucking lgbt, and the fucking antifa started to want to ruin them with their woke agenda, forcing their disgusting agenda in videogames in comics, and now we only have trash like the videogame of "the last lesbo of us 2" or the comics of "the new warriors".

Its a fact: the fucking left wing wants to ruin everything that we like, and that includes videogames and comics.


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An intelligent person: "These loud, pink-haired, left-wing dumbasses are from a radical political movement that has neither contributed to the well-being of society nor worked for any benefits for society. All they have accomplished is that they're a pain in the ass."

A stupid person: "What? Really? That sounds more like nazis, dude."

An intelligent person: "And the difference is?"


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I don't like "Children of the Atom" X-book either...

But in all fairness, Matt Fraction's Uncanny X-Men was a woke storyline and took place in San Francisco....and it wasn't bad...I was OK with it.

rev van mev

I'm still waiting to see the day they make a crossover comic where Elmer Fudd fights the Punisher in a death battle, Elmer Fudd barely wins, and Robin gets caught in their crossfire and dies. And also have this established as main canon, not just part of some what if alternate timeline. If Marvel and DC wanna save their own asses, they better start doing shit like this. Not in a million years, though.


I completely agree about video games but comics have always had some virtue signalling going on, no? I mean you listed Killing Joke and Alan Moore himself is fucking famous for Watchmen, and more notably V for Vendetta, which both have some pretty heavy handed commentary for “old” comics.


I used to love some star wars old videogames and old star wars movies...

Ah, how i loved to play those old star wars videogames in my play station in the 90s and early 2000s and to watch those old movies....and i expected more wonderful movies in the future...but that not happened because...

....since the woke agenda, the political correct agenda and the social justice warriors turned star wars into feminist trash, forced diversity trash and lgbt trash, im not interest in star wars fact, a lot of people is losing interest in star wars too because of the woke agenda, as you can see in those memes:



RIP star wars: the woke agenda of the feminists, the lgbt, the social justice warriors, the jews, the antifa and the black lives matters ruined it...

Someone knows if is posible to create a time machine? i really want to go back to those times without woke agenda....


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Woke agenda is about to implode: it essentially excasperated the plight of the ricecels by stripping us of the one thing we could leverage to attract women: money. That's why several ricecels are now suing Harvard for reverse discrimination; the lawsuit filed by the Trump DoJ was recently dropped by the Biden DoJ. This will just make things explode.

Now is a very bad time for ricecels, and looks like things will only get worse near term. Lots of ricecels are now online bitching about diversity...

The politicsl divide keeps widening...


The phrase "get woke go broke" is true: i will not spend again my money in star wars products, terminator products, marvel products and disney products...