The "Next Thot Audit" - We Need To Ensure That The H.R. 5 (Equality Act) Passes


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I've always thought that incels need to start "doing OPs"

All this endlessly complaining and doing nothing is a waste of time and seriously pathetic (its no fun either). One thing I like about 4chan (before the faggotry) was how "proactive" the community was, users don't just go there to bitch and moan and complain, they go there, congregate, and formulate plans and strategies, that can be put into action IRL via the internet, to attack/troll their "enemies", its one of the few things if not the only thing enviable about the forum.

I recently realized what's the most important OP that we can actually do VERY EASILY, I've been hearing about it for a while but it only just dawned upon me how important it is, and how much of a blow it would be to the gynocracy if it happens, it would be a crushing blow to the entire "female power structure", and we all know how momentum in a fight works, once you get the momentum on your side, a battle can shift in your favor very quickly, leaving your opponent unable to cope with the rapid changes. From that point on, while they are busy licking their wounds dealing with their new problems, we can find other ways to attack the gynocracy.

That thing that needs to happen is the passing of the H.R 5 Equality Act.

Why do we want this act to be passed?, well lets listen to the complaints of lesbian feminist Julia Beck to see why
If the act passes in its current form as H.R. 5, then every right that women have fought for will cease to exist," Beck warned. "H.R. 5 is a human rights violation. Every single person in this country will lose their right to single-sex sports, shelters, grants, and loans. The law will forbid ever distinguishing between women and men.
Beck warned, "male rapists will go to women’s prisons and likely assault female inmates as has already happened in the U.K.; female survivors of rape will be unable to contest male presence in women’s shelters; men will dominate women’s sports — girls who would have taken first place will be denied scholastic opportunity; women who use male pronouns to talk about men may be arrested, fined, and banned from social media platforms; girls will stay home from school when they have their periods to avoid harassment by boys in mixed-space toilets; girls and women will no longer have a right to ask for female medical staff or intimate care providers, including elderly or disabled women who are at serious risk of sexual abuse; female security officers will no longer have the right to refuse to perform pat-downs or intimate searches of males who say they’re female and women undergoing security checks will no longer have the right to refuse having those security checks being performed by men claiming a feminine identity.
:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

If this act passes, many women, especially feminists, will suffer. It was women who started this liberal lunacy, and now its come full circle to bite them in the ass, this is a golden opportunity and we cannot let it pass, we cannot let them prevent this from happening, and we know full well women can complain enough to stop it, its pretty much their shtick. If we just sit on our hands and let this happen, we will surely regret it if women end up stopping the act from passing, we will no longer have the coping excuse of "there was nothing we could do" in this scenario

Now you may be asking, what can we even do, nothing different really than what was done during the thot audit is necessary, however this will yield many more lol's and affect many more lives of whores. The winds are already supporting our sails, the tides have shifted in our favor, due to the BS indentitarianism that women allowed to propagate, as a result of feminist ideologies, they are now ironically on the bad end of that "tool" they oh so enjoyed using, now they're being called "transphobes" and "bigots" for being against the act. We merely need to capitalize on this scenario and utilize their own "tools" against them. Use social media platforms that have long been used as weapons against men and masculinity, as our weapons against them. Create accounts for twitter, etc and search tags specific to the bill or in relation to it:

1. Create liberal themed posts/tweets that celebrate and promote the act (using said tags), speak of it as something that will be a great day in history for humanity, and that you are happy for the trans community and the strides they are making in these "perilous" times for their community (don't use my exact wording, you have to make it sound a lot more emotional, mix it up a bit, look up some liberal posts to get a feel for their kind of posting characteristics/structures)

2. Call out posts against the act as transphobic and/or hate speech

3. Report posts against the act as hate speech, get feminists banned and/or suspended if possible via reports

4. Make "hit piece" like tweets/posts on social media platforms on prominent liberals and republicans that are against the act, dig up dirt if you can, show that they are transphobic and have a history of being this way (if such examples exist, don't make shit up, it has to be legitimate)

5. Etc, etc, etc, use your imagination, post back in this thread any other methods you come up with

Guys this is ONE OF THE FUCKING MOMENTS, a rare chance where we can actually do something to our own benefit and to the detriment of our enemies. In most cases there is literally nothing any of us could do to get any revenge on women and society outside of going ER, but a rare opportunity has presented itself.

This can lead to a sweet and ultimate revenge against women kind who have created this crisis for themselves, women all too often get to escape learning a lesson for the actions they have made leaving men to clean up the mess, we can't let them just slip by and not face the consequences of creating and propagating liberal extremism, the female mindset is at the core of everything leftist, it is illogical and chaotic in nature, and now we have a rare occasion where that chaos is now baring its fangs upon itself, let us now band to together and steer it on its well chosen and just course.

I will coin this, Operation: Assisted suіcіde, let us help women kill their own movement, I mean its time us loser incels man up and help women for once ;)


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Sounds like a good idea, unfortunately the website says it only has an 8% chance of passing though. Also I didn't really read all the legalese, but the idea of it sounds good.


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Look I believe in equal rights and opportunities for women, so I don't believe this is right. Unfortunately, as a celibate commenting on this forum, society and the media sees me as a sexist misogynistic pig. They see me as a loser worthy of committing suіcіde. They want me to be expunged.