The new powerpuff girls series...the woke agenda wants to ruin everything again...


If you remember cartoon network in the 90s and the early 2000s, you for sure remember those were the best times of that channel because it has its best cartoons it ever had, like courage the cowardly dog or johnny bravo. Other of those good cartoons was the powerpuff girls. Now, the woke agenda, not satisfied of already ruining star wars, the last of us 2, she-ra, castlevania, mortal kombat, etc. now wants to ruin the powerpuff girls: they want to make a new series with feminism agenda, lgbt agenda and blackwashing agenda.

According to them, the series is aimed to "the ones who grew up watching the cartoon in the 90s and the early 2000s... but thats one of the biggest lies that i have seen in my life: in this new series, it will be full of feminist agenda, lgbt agenda and blackwashing agenda...

Now, if you watched the 90s cartoon, you for sure remember how the enemies of the powerpuff girls were feminists, lgbt members and social justice warriors:




So, this new series is the actually the opposite to the original one, so when they say "its aimed for the audiences who grew up with the original one", well thats a big lie...

How the original cartoon of the powerpuff girls was:


Now how the new series of the powerpuff girls will be:


Its like the cartoon of the powerpuff girls of the 90s predicted the future: the feminists, the lgbt and the social justice warriors were their enemies in the 90s, and they are now again too with their woke agenda...

Now what i wonder is, what will the next thing the woke agenda will ruin? maybe beavis and butt-head being blackwashed? or maybe a transexual zelda?...those bastards are ruining everything!