The "natural" argument used to justify foids hypergamy

Augustan Isidor

19 Year Old Youngcel
If you guys were in the incelsphere for a good amount of time now, you'd eventually come across the argument made by Normtards that it's only natural that foids date up. Usually justified as finding a High Value Man to ensure healthy offspring.

This arguement is usually made by some smart ass, armchair biologist, pseudo intellectual that believe they're arguement is logical. Unaware to them however, this argument is flawed and can be used against them.

It is NATURAL for foids to die when giving birth to a child, so should we ban the practice of child delivery? Let the process of child birth go NATURALLY without the interference of medical professionals? It's also NATURAL for me to want to overpower a foid and force myself onto her so she can bear my seed.

Why is it that they can excuse a foid's disgusting hypergamy with this arguement, but would seethe like no other if we took it upon ourselves to fulfill our natural biological desire to rape a foid? It is because we live in a gynocentric society, foids are living better than ever, they're seen as though they can do no wrong.