the motivations of the Higher beings


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the motivation of the Higher beings is selfless.

The American Dream fails to captivate us as a society, because it is purely focused on selfish incentives. By and large, this does not captivate a society for to achieve greatness. Rap music, Justin Beiber music etc, is usually focused upon lower things, the music is usually of low quality.

The higher Human nature is focused on selfless instinct. I can prove it.

If a random walks up to a random and says "Let me give your 1000 dollars" the first gut instinct is to say no. The human instinct is not "What's in it for me?" its "What is in it for them?" The gut instinct and primal instinct is not motivated by selfishness.

So founding a society on selfishness will never result in anything of greatness. If you say "I am going to make a society where the value is, everyone to get rich on capitalism, with a nice house and car" people will not wish to participate in the society. Rap music is the end result, end product of the American Dream, diluted to its base elements.

Higher beings, such as Elon Musk, are motivated for higher things, space exploration, colonization, compassion for humanity and animals. This is what drives a society to greater things.

Elon Musk is against AI. Elon Musk is for a society of compassion and empathy, and habitat preservation.

This also explains criminal behavoir. Criminals join gangs, such as antifa or other gangs, because they are not moved by the vapid selfishness of the American values. The subconscious motivations of the criminal is lashing out against a society which it deems as corrupt and worthy of crimes. This is also the mentality behind school shootings. A society that has selfish values, and no sense of higher purpose or reason, will always result in criminal behavoir.

This is not to say that communism is the answer. Communism discourages higher things, it enforces subjugation and slavery of the spirit, and offers no financial rewards to those who succeed, which is an injustice, and inhuman. It is inhuman to be completely selfless, if there was no self, then there would be no purpose behind compassion, since compassion is about helping other souls. Elon deserves to be rich.