The media and incels


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I am curious. What is the media's view on incels and volcels who go on forums like these? Do they view us as all the same? I mean I never said anything that is misogynistic or would incite violence.


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Empaths do not exist in the media or the mainstream world of npcs who believe in blue pilled cuckery. The media (and nearly everyone who isn't incel) likes to slap a big "sexist, misogynist, selfish, creepy, violent, entitled future ER" label on anyone who is incel.


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Lol when I was in 8th grade a girl lifted up the back of my shirt in front of the classroom without my consent. I felt so embarrassed Nobody even complained. Smh.


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Amen. Just read an article written by an evil female. Hatespeech against incels. They always start it out about ER (Eliot Rodgers) and terrorism. Setting the tone to manipulate the audience. I don't even think its manipulation, its more like just bullying.

Its like, 2 incels out of 100 million, happened to murder some folks. Yet these evil cunts want to demonize us all. They are definitely not empaths. The cunts that write these smear articles probably aren't even psychopaths. What they are is pure evil.

Also i dont believe all females are this evil so dont call me a bigot.

Also i dont think that blue pilled folks can be empaths. Because blue pill means you never question your reality.