The light upon the incels


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It is true that it isn't easy for ugly men, mad men and men with not good characters to find a spouse, but there is hope for those that desire. Here is how.

In the secular world it is hard, but if you convert to judaism behold you will find that there are more single women than men and they are ready ro marry anyone as long as he is a man. I read about a woman 24 that married someone 50 something.
God and my Rabbi can make miracles. If you believe and follow the path of truth behold you will marry and have many children. This is even for people that don't want to have sex or any kind of intimacy, because it is possible to have children without intimacy. The woman can be impregnated by the husband's angels.
Most people have soulmates, but not everyone has, so through prayer you can change nature and God will give you a soulmate. We don't know what we did in our previous lives in order to be in our situation.
Miracles happen according to a person's faith. The more faith the bigger and more obvious miracles. My Rabbi can convert you on the spot if you want it. A convert is very special in judaism and very loved and respected. Especially male converts. They are very needed for there are not enough men as said above. You are very smart, because suffering increases someone's intelligence! Looks matter, the holy Rabbis of blessed memory say so.
pm me and I can give you websites, but you can ask me questions in both ways
Thank you for reading my post!❤

EDIT: You can also get cured from all illnesses through miracles!

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Ok guys to break down the message he is basically saying

Become a jew and get the women we have.