The lie of "femoids have problems"


Mexican Incel
I made this topic before in other forum, but everyone called me a "nazi" and a "bigot" and the topic was deleted in less than 10 minutes, so i will post it here because its the only place with liberty of speech.

The society, mostly the feminists and the manginas claims that "femoids have problems", so i wonder, wich problems they have? I do not see that femoids have any problem, actually is the opposite: femoids are the privileged gender in the society:

- In the school, we men only attract bullys who want to bully us(and thats why we had to defend ourselves against the bullys), while the femoids attract manginas willing to clean their shoes.

- If a man complains that even the plump femoids and the anorexic femoids rejected him, everyone tells him to "man up" and "stop complain"... In the case of femoids, if they complain that they cannot get the chads of 10/10 or the chads of 9/10, the society claims that "the fault is of the patriarchy".

- If a man does not have a job, nobody wants to help him to get one. If a femoids does not have a job, the government does its best to get her a good job.

- If a man is over 30 and still plays videogames, he is seen as a "manchild" or as a "loser". But if a femoid plays videogames in "live streaming" only to get money, everyone calls her "sexy" or a "winner".

- Only 1 femoid is homeless for every 8 homeless men.

- If a man complaisn about the "woke" agenda ruining videogames and cartoons, everyone calls him a "nazi" or a "bigot". But if a femoid "complains" about the woke agenda(as expected, only to get money and fame in jewtube) everyone calls her "smart".

- Femoids, even the plump ones and the anorexic ones, can get sex by simply asking for it. In the case of us ugly men/poor men, we are rejected even by the ugly femoids.

- A femoid can hit a man and get away with it. But if a man dares to hit her back, everyone will protect her and the man can even be send to jail, as we can see in this video:

- If a femoid wants to have a boyfriend, she onyl needs to make a acount in a social site or a dating site, and even if the femoid is ugly, she will get the attention of at least 20 different men. If a ugly man/poor man makes a acount in a dating site or a social site, no femoid will want to date him.

So, as we can see femoids do not have a single fucking problem in the feminazi society where we live, becasue all their problems are already solved.