The jews, the SJWs, the feminazis, the lgbt and the antifa are the fascists of this century...


I still remember when in the 90s, always in the books, the movies, the cartoons and the comics the nazis, the ku klux klan, and the comunists were seen as the facists of the past century.....and thats is true: those scums wanted to FORCE their agenda everywhere and thats why they were seen fascist(wich is true)...

But now, in the year 2020 when the disgusting nazis, the disgusting ku klux klan and the disgusting comunists are not present anymore(or at least most of them), there are news fascists:

The jews, the feminazis, the SJWs, the antifa and the lgbt are the new fascist, because they want to FORCE their anti-male agenda, their feminazi agenda, their white race replacement agenda and their anti-heterosexual agenda in the cartoons, in the movies and in the videogames:

How ironic: they to claim want a "political correct" agenda....yet they want to FORCE it everywhere(and thats is fascism!)...

Saint Mentalcel

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