The illegalization of sex work is a vehicle for chads to further oppress their beta counterparts


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As much as we like to blame women for most of the problems that they inherently started, this one actually can be blamed on the chads. Realistically at the time sex work and brothels was made illegal, women couldn’t vote and couldn’t be politicians. Simultaneously, politicians typically are chads due to them having be a public figure and have a likable enough face.
However, why would all of these chads suddenly outlaw sex work? Because capitalism that’s why. If you’re a chad, you’re too busy with women and friendships to be working as much as a wage slave incel. So once us incelibates make enough money, eventually we have the capability to essentially buy the sex off of the chads girlfriends. This would be a major threat to their status. So all chad politicians outlawed sex work so once incelibates exercised their rights to earn enough money to buy sex, it is unavailable. Even after incelibates become millionaires now, we still have no hope of gaining a sex life.


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I wouldn't call politicians chads. They use money and power to leverage women in the dating market, not as you say likeable faces. In fact, many of them have the most unappealing natural faces.
The blackpill is only true for the working class, lower-middle class, and young men: in these demographics, looks are the only thing they have to offer. Once men get older and acquire more power, they can attract narcissistic women- which is to say most women- who want to cash in on it and feel less worthless.

Sex work isn't illegal in the uk. It's just regulated so men can't cash in on it by running brothels. There are lots of websites where they make profiles and you can search for them within your radius by age, looks etc such as ... they aren't too expensive, about £40 for 15 mins.