The future of the female sports...


Isolated Hell
maybe, just a crazy thing ye know. MAYBE, let them have their own category like "trans sports" or have them play sports in the original gender that they were previous to the transition. (like if they were male and transition to female, they still play male sports.)
nah, who cares, women sports were never as interesting or entertaining as male sports anyways.


Everything is fucked
There should be separate categories for everything except contact and combat sports, where men and women are equal so it’s okay for them to compete in football or mma.


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looooooooooooooooooooooooooooool they've made a legal way for men to beat up women in boxing and mma. Might pay to watch those matches if the foids a bitch or something.


Women arent athletic and never will be the average bloke will beat a "pro" boxer female


And that its what the jews, the SJWs, the lbgt, the feminazis have caused: a world where female sports are ruled by transgerders.