The Future is blue pilled


Incels.Net Novice
The failure to accept attaining a lady is a failure that many men fail to accept. This leads them to act on how they bring out the worst in themselves over rejecting the responsibility of processing how to accept that kind of failure.

The substitute options that thrive off men’s loneliness are only going to make more progress in the future. Today we have sexbots that can pleasure men and it’s like Futurama predicted the future in that episode where fry dates a robot.

if you move forward a few century’s the future might have the ultimate blue pilled substitute imagine uploading your conscious to a simulation that feels indistinguishable from reality. Many lonely men will go in to simulations where they can have a ridiculously hot lady given to them the easy way. The opportunity to do this in the future will leave average looking lady’s feeling lonely meaning lady’s will just go in to simulations where they’re married to chads.

sex will always sell and the better we get at creating substitute options the more we will get people taking the easy way out so it doesn’t feel good to say this and I’ll just go out an say it people in society will get weaker over time and we’ll have more simps in the future