The first girl I ever loved is the reason why I'm blackpilled today


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The first girl I ever loved is the reason why I'm blackpilled today. I was in the tenth grade and the halloween dance was coming up so I decided to ask my femoid best friend of 6 years (5/10) to the dance, and she said yes. But at the end of the night I tried to kiss her and she said she didn't want to be with me that way and wasn't "ready" that she changed her mind and hoped we could just be friends. Then a month later she got asked out by this normie chad football player and they had sex the first week they went out. When they broke up that fucking femoid came back crying. This is when I realized the true nature of women, they break your heart and come back crying when their Chads in shining armor break their heart. I was heartbroken for so long and when I was 17 I discovered the blackpill. My brother Jerry has also struggled with the same issues so I introduced him. Now we finally feel like were understood.


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fucking cuck wrote his own name instead of my name at the bottom, haha

Anyways yeah if anyone was wondering, she was a fucking slut and our parents were friends with hers but I could tell from the start that she was just another woman ready to drain someone’s heart out. Sad enough that she made my brother a fucking victim. Unreal.


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This is interesting because the same douchebaggery has been happening to me my whole life. I’ve been used or looked at like I’m a tool for what these egotistical women want. No longer am I subject to this trickery or control method. I don’t even waste my time. In fact I don’t even constantly stare at them because I know where it’s headed. Most of the time it’s just a trap they need you to fall for. I feel bad for dudes that had kids with these type of women. Actually, I should even say women I should say “creatures”.


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Eh, we're all creatures, some less hypocritical and more self-aware than others. The terms 'man' or 'women' need no special veneration or requirement.


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Women just want to use men for sex and money. If she gets the vibe you are a beta interested in a serious relationship she will feel trapped and feel the urge to get away. One of the reasons they like Chads is because Chads just use them for sex and the relationship is fake. So if she gets the vibe you don't have a big dick and/or rock hard abs, she will want to know how much money you have... Despite what the SJW brainwashing has said, women are dominant and crave power and control, they do not like being limited in options and are hypergamous.

That being said, there is a cultural, split-mind psychosis of teaching male's its wrong to act like a chad, or womanizer, and yet rewarding Chads and womanizers who were born genetically perfect with sex. Especially its awful with SJWs, claiming to fight oppression and fascism, yet selecting people solely based on genes and money...