The erasure of the straight white man


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Here is some ragefuel for you all.

Go to google images. Type in 'white couple' and see what comes up. Then type in 'black couple' and see what happens. *spoiler*... the first one turns up about half pictures of an actual white couple which you searched for, the other half being black men with white women. The second search will exclusively show black men with black women portrayed as power couples.

Do the same with 'straight couple' vs 'gay couple' and you'll get similar but not so extreme disparities.

Googles excuse is something along the lines of: "when people post pictures of white couples, they just say couple, but when pictures of an interracial couple are posted, people specify the race so the search 'white couple' turns up mixed-race pictures. But I call BS on that. Google is the worlds most renowned search engine, and they would be able to make sure when people search for a white couple, they would get a white couple. But their employees are graduates from post-modernist/ neo- Marxists universities, and they have political aims bigger than any profit-making motivations.

They want to erase the straight white man from history, daily life, the media because they take inspiration from the likes of Michel Foucault (a gay man who abused kids in Tunisia and died of aids but is the hero of all social scientists and humanities professors today) who view all the world as power hierarchies with straight white men sitting on top crushing everybody else.

I have no problem with anybody of any race, a lot of my closest friends are non-white. But it is very clear what the world wants to do with us.