Incels.Net Master
>addicted to emootes
>can't wait to see all the emootes he's been given
>only posts for emootes
>posts what he think will give him the greatest amount of emootes
>emootes every semi-intelligible post he can find, rendering emootes utterly meaningless
>drowning in emootes
>stays up late at night to post the same dead emoote
>still thinks it's funny
>tries to give real people emootes, sad when he fails
>sees emootes even when he's dreaming
>can only speak in emootes
>emootes even when no one asks
>hahah I emooted as much as I could
>thinks an emoote amounts to a medal
>is proud of his emoote count
>it is the greatest accomplishment in his life
>thinks his emootes are bartender; able to exchange them with money
>upset when not the centre of attention
>thinks emootemaxxing will get him laid with one of the femboys; is homopilled
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